Edible Flowers List

  • Angelica: tastes like licorice

  • Anise hyssop: anise or licorice flavor
  • Apple blossoms: like apples
  • Chive flowers: taste like chives
  • Bee Balm: tastes somewhat like oregano or mint
  • Borage: somewhat cucumber-like
  • Carnation: sweet flavor, good for desserts
  • Chamomile: somewhat like apples
  • Chervil: anise
  • Chrysanthemums: tangy, bitter
  • Citrus blossoms: taste like the fruit

  • Clover: sweet, somewhat anise
  • Cornflower: usually spicy, somewhat like cloves
  • Dandelion: sweet, honey-like
  • Day Lily: somewhat sweet, reminiscent of vegetables
  • Garden Sorrel: tart, lemony
  • Gladiolas: lettuce-like, mild, but pretty as a serving vessel
  • Hibiscus: tart, like cranberries
  • Honeysuckle: sweet
  • Hyacinth: nutty
  • Jasmine: strong, good for use in tea
  • Johnny Jump-Ups: mild, wintergreen
  • Lavender: sweet, floral
  • Lemon verbena: lemon
  • Lilac: flowery, a little bitter
  • Linden: similar to honeysuckle
  • Marigold: usually peppery, can be somewhat bitter
  • Nasturtium: peppery, good in salads

  • Okra: nutty, somewhat like asparagus when cooked
  • Pansy: mild, slightly sweet
  • Pineapple Guava: sweet, melon-like
  • Primrose: slightly sweet
  • Queen Anne’s Lace: light, like a carrot
  • Rose: different varieties have different flavors, but mostly sweet; even if you do not want to eat them, consider using them to decorate cakes and pastries
  • Squash blossoms: taste like the squash they would have grown into
  • Sunflower: young flowers taste like artichokes, older flowers are bitter
  • Sweet Woodruff: sweet, somewhat nutty
  • Tulip: mild lettuce or cucumber flavor

Edible Flowers List


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