When Catherine Chalmers looks at leaf cutter ants, she sees Facebook; when she sees cockroaches, she sees suburban families. Her science-inspired art can be beautiful and disgusting at the same time, and she hopes it makes viewers question how we think of other animals.

“I’m interested in investigating how we relate to nature from a cultural perspective,” says Chalmers, who lives in New York City. “I feel that somewhere through the march of time we’ve placed certain animals and insects in nature on another level. They’ve been walled off.”

For her most recent project, Chalmers traveled to the rain forests in Panama and Costa Rica to examine leaf cutter ants. As part of her art, she purposely placed a piece of vegetation in their pathway to see if they would start to cut it apart, and when she observed warring ants in Costa Rica she placed a small white backdrop underneath them and created a mini studio to document the action.

See more up-close-and-personal pictures of these creepy creatures over @ Raw File.


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