Infographic on organic compounds.

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Hey chickadees, want something to do while I’m off doing that “being social” and “getting married” thing? I mean, besides giving me a wedding gift of cat surgery money? ;P

Learn some chem with Compound Interest! Okay, I know it’s a painful subject. In fact, organic chem is why I gave up my initial desire to become a veterinarian. But despite the pain, it’s fascinating. And Compound Interest is a master at accurate, catchy infographics, helpful study advice, and chemistry lessons from the most unexpected places.

They’re also proponents of stopping bad science, and stopping bad reporting of good science, so they’re ace in my books.

Compound Interest on Tumblr

Compound Interest on Facebook

Official Compound Interest Infographics

Seriously guys, I cannot express my level of new-found fascination with chemistry thanks to these guys. I’d forgotten how cool it was and how much I really loved the chemistry of microbiology, even when I didn’t always understand it.

Compound Interest: Officially loved by Biomedical Ephemera! 😀


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