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thisfloralys shares:

A collection of sites and apps that will help you learn spanish:

  1. Tumblr blogs about languages or certain countries
  2. 8 spanish podcasts every Spanish learner should listen to
  3. Great blog to help learn Spanish vocab by looking at cute gifs of words
  4. Duolingo (highly recommend this one)
  5. Memrise uses images to help you learn vocab
  6. Learn Spanish with real-world videos
  7. Spanish study guide
  8. Spanish repetition
  9. Top 10 YouTube channels to learn Spanish
  10. A site with Spanish grammar and vocabulary
  11. Apps for learning Spanish
  12. Spanish dictionary
  13. A phrasebook for many common colloquialisms and their equivalents in Spanish
  14. Collections of Spanish slang, idioms, tips and tricks for learning
  15. Comprehensive list of Spanish cognates
  16. Practice writing in your new language and have your writing reviewed by native speakers
  17. Online magazine reader- You can search “Spanish” and find many Spanish magazines to read
  18. Spanish essentials for dummies- free book
  19. Verb conjugator, sentence maker and translator
  20. Vocabulary builder
  21. Famous Spanish sayings and their english translations

Let me know if you found other sites that should be put here, or if some sites stopped working. Enjoy:)


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